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Notifying loss or damage

Use dynamic first notification of loss (FNOL), including for customer self-service.

Through smart contracts, we combine FNOL with automated cover checking and calculation.

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Capture damage details & obtain the settling costs

In addition to our own tools, we make the best-in-class 3rd party tools available.

Settling costs are calculated automatically or determined manually.

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Assess and calculate coverage

Have claims automatically assessed and calculated by smart contracts.

Great support for your claims handlers, call centres, partners, brokers and customers.

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Mandate high-quality providers and repair of goods

Obtain access and use digital end-to-end processes with your existing providers and other high-quality providers.

Also order the repair or replacement of goods.

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Check bills in a rule-based & automated way

Have bills automatically validated and proceeded according to your set of rules.

Our rule engine is integrated with best-in-class 3rd-party bill checking solutions.

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Analyse, report & benchmark

Analyse real-time transactional and provider data.

Obtain access to valuable benchmarks and other additional insights.

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