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Let's discuss the solutions that best fit your needs. We offer various in-house solutions, combined with integrated, best-in-class 3rd party tools.

Benefits, proven & measured
Various integration options, adapted to your need.
• Users stay on their company system (deep integration)
• Users are bridged from their company system to the JAROWA UI with company branding (hybrid solution)
• User login to JAROWA UI in company branding (standalone usage)


This is how it works

From light to full integration

We offer customisable integration gateways and have extensive integration experience.

No additional user interface (UI) for users If you are already working with your target ERP or claims system, a deep integration might be the right solution.

We have the option to fully integrate through API, so that your employees always work via the UI of your target system.

  • Smooth integration into existing process
  • Users stay on their company's system
  • No double entry required
  • Real-time update of the company system
Combined solution with the UI from principal and JAROWA A hybrid solution where your employees work on the company's UI, but can jump to the UI of the JAROWA platform by clicking a button. The JAROWA UI is branded with your brand design.

All the relevant data is transmitted to JAROWA and back to the company's system.

  • Smooth integration into the existing process
  • No double entry required
  • Real-time update of company system
  • Low technical integration effort
Working on the JAROWA UI If you are planning to change your ERP or claims system or if you are proceeding low volumes over the JAROWA platform, a standalone usage might be the right solution for you.

Your employees log into the JAROWA UI (branded in your brand-design).

Data from the company's system needs to be copied and pasted to JAROWA.

Important process steps on JAROWA are documented in PDFs, which will be automatically sent back to the user.

  • Smooth integration into the existing process
  • NO technical integration needed
  • The company system is updated (partially automated, or manually)
Using our integration gatewayWe can provide a customisable integration gateway, as well as a mailbox integration.

We have extensive integration experience, and are already integrated with most of the best-in-class ERP and claims systems. (E.g. we are part of the Guidewire partners programme.)

  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Backend integration
  • Frontend integration
  • Mailbox integration

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