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Benefits, proven & measured
• Up to 40% process cost reduction
• Approx. 10% reduction in claims payments
• High customer satisfaction (8.8 of 10)

Industries using order managementOur platform enables principals to optimise their provider management and improve their process efficiency.

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  • Insurance companies
  • Property managers
  • Leasing companies
  • and many more
Providers offering servicesOnly trusted providers, nominated by business partners, such as insurer, property managers or leasing companies, are onboarded on the platform and can offer their services.

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  • Tradespeople
  • Motor body shop
  • Medical practitioners
  • Lawyers
  • and many more

This is how it works

Manage your providers and transactions

Provider profiles

Providers create a profile for all of their locations. Profiles consist of the following important information.

• Locations
• Services offered
• Servicing areas
• Prices per service and per principal
• Other important information

Nomination & onboarding of providers Principals working with our cloud based platform nominate their trusted providers for onboarding.

If an exclusivity agreement exists, the provider will only be seen by this principal.

Provider onboarding steps are simple and quick.
  • Creation of the profile
  • Creation of the offering
  • Instructions about service levels agreements (SLA)
  • Information about the usage of the platform
Provider & process management by the principal

Principals define the rules to be applied for provider selection and for the automation of process steps.

• Provider segmentation
• Provider search rules
• Notification rules
• Automation of process steps
• Reporting & analytics
• and much more

End-to-end process All the relevant processes are covered end-to-end.

Process steps can be conducted by the principal or by partners, but also serve by the customer.

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  • Send order request
  • Accept order request
  • Setting an appointment
  • Close the order
  • Bill handling & checking
  • any many more processes
Embedded tools

The platform supports end-to-end processing and offers best-in-class 3rd party tools

• Capture damage using 3D models, video assistance & picture recognition
• Calculate settling costs for motor, buildings of property damage
• Automated bill checking
• and much more

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Data & analytics

Real-time reporting for principals and providers, combined with benchmarks to increase value.

• Overall data for all providers
• Order status & development per provider
• Performance comparison between providers
• Performance of mandated providers vs. overall provider performance
• and much more

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