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Let's discuss the solutions that best fit your needs. We offer various in-house solutions, combined with integrated, best-in-class 3rd party tools.

Benefits, proven & measured
• Realtime access to transaction data for all solutions
• Highly valuable insights on businesses
• Increased value through access to benchmark data


This is how it works

Obtain real-time insights

Use your data and our benchmarks to improve your business.

Insights for provider- and order-management

Obtain real-time access to important information, individual analysis and benchmark insights on the JAROWA platform.

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  • Overall data of all providers
  • Status of orders per provider (amount, performance etc.)
  • Performance comparison between mandated providers
  • Performance of mandated providers vs. overall provider performance
  • And much more
Insights for product development & claims
When using the smart contract in the FNOL process, detailed information, at policy section, clause and even sentence level, is collected about how often that part of the policy wording was needed to assess coverage and calculate the loss amount and the appropriate excess.

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  • Benchmarking

    Insurers can configure the platform so that each claim is not only assessed against its own policy wording, but also automatically assessed against publicly available competitor offerings.

    Through this approach, very detailed benchmarking information is created, which is highly valuable for product improvement and development.

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