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Benefits, proven & measured
• End-to-end process delegation to the customer
• Significant increase in process efficiency
• High customer satisfaction


This is how it works

Simple, fast, and easily understandable for all participants

Many process steps can be carried out via customer self-service. Here are some examples.

First notification of loss (FNOL) & cover check

Our dynamic FNOL process only displays the specific questions, which are relevant for that particular claim.

The questions can be tailored into terminology that customers understand, whilst still being used to check cover against the policy wording.

Capture damage with 3D models

Any 3D model of an object (e.g. car, bike, property, etc.) can be displayed accordingly.

Damaged parts can be marked, and photos and comments can be added.

Provider selection

Principals can give customers the opportunity to choose their provider.

The principal has full self serve control over the prioritisation of the providers available for selection by customers, with the ability to prioritise customer satisfaction, cost, distance and provider segmentation as examples.


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