Data & security are key.

We are ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified.

ISO Certifications

"ISO 27001 Information Security"

Key Topics: Confidentiality, Availability, Integrity, Non-repudiation


"ISO 9001 Quality Management"

This standard aims: the creation, implementation and maintenance of a quality management system that is focused on meeting customer needs and achieving improvements.

We implement high IT security standards to ensure data integrity.

Regular IT security assessments

Penetration and vulnerability tests are carried out at regular intervals. Experts thereby simulate hacker attacks and test the system for vulnerabilities.

Secure login & access
For individual networks or accounts, there is the option to enable 2-factor authentication. Access to JAROWA is protected by a web application firewall, which detects and prevents unauthorised access attempts as well as hacker attacks.

Secure data transfer
All data is encrypted during transmission between the user and the JAROWA infrastructure.
Secure data storage
Sensitive order data and all documents are stored encrypted. All data is stored in a UK-based cloud. JAROWA employees have no access to sensitive data.